Phil Disera

About Phil

Phil Disera is a ukulele player, guitarist, producer, and composer.

Phil has been a freelance musician in the Toronto scene since the early 80’s. His versatility has taken him down a wide variety of avenues. With a Diploma in Music Performance at Humber College, Phil has played Jazz for decades. Also trained Classically, he is amongst those rare players who can bridge the gaps between styles. You could hear Phil perform one day in the “Ambiance Flute and Guitar Duo”, together for more than 20 years, along with Doriann Forrester on flute. The next day, you might hear him with the “Dixie Demons” playing Traditional Jazz on the banjo! Whatever the setting, Phil brings a high level of musicality to any situation. Of course, this breadth of experience only enhances Phil’s production sensibility. He has a passion for smooth, musical production, and gives extreme attention to detail. Phil has produced several projects for himself, and others. Phil has also composed music all his life, although mostly as an aside to his playing. As time has progressed though, his composing has become more prevalent in his career. His endeavors include composing for ballet, solo guitar compositions for the Royal Conservatory Repertoire publications, and most recently his own albums of original compositions “Inside Outside”, and “Placitudes I”. A father to two children, Phil is presently working on several different projects, playing freelance, and helping to raise his family.

Detour CD Release

Detour : an alternative or roundabout route, different from the usual or planned way...

I have been playing guitar professionally for 30 years, but for the last decade I have been seriously thinking of the small yet capable ukulele, my first childhood instrument. What if I channelled everything I have learned into these four short strings, within the context of the language I love... Jazz ? This project is indeed a Detour from my familiar path, yet at the same time a subtle return to the joy and purity of music making that I knew at the very beginning of my journey.